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Do you remember when?

published, Feb 1, 2009 1:42am
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When I was a boy, summers were filled with hot days.  There wasn't such thing as an air conditioner, and, life was a lot simpler and we had other ways to beat the heat, that were smart and a lot of fun.

created on: 02/01/09

My parents would take us all down to the local swimming pool, where we would swim, drip dry, soak in the sun, get hot, rinse and repeat.  We'd do this all day long, playing with other kids, making friendships and living.

I rememberd this the other night when I took my two little boys down to the local pool.  And you know what?  This beats sitting inside an air conditioned hotbox watching the television or playing the Wii anyday...

Don't you think?



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ah....the good old days....now you can't even take a camera to the pools!..... - don't tell me that pic is your local pool!!

I agree with you though - jumping on the tramp or swimming with the kids is priceless....and free....!


Unfortunately this isn't my pool...  I was going to take a pic the other night, but the light was getting a little dark and we were busy with the boys.

Life used to be so much simpler, and it's the simple things in life that are often the best.

Yes.... why is it we all need an air conditioner. We live in a mud brick house, we are very privileged to have such a nice house, we have only 2 celling fans - it is all we need.

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