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Bushfire - how the hell did they survive?

published, Feb 10, 2009 2:57am
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I woke on Sunday morning and caught the twitter feed and read the news. Kinglake devastated by bushfires, 26 dead, 6 in one vehicle.   Over the coming days these were to grow to over 175, with experts thinking over 300.

Shit!  My brother in law's family lives up there, that's not fun, that feeling.  I called my sister, and her phone rang out... and I started bracing for the worst.  Soon, and fortunately, a call came back saying that her husband's family was Ok.  They saved their house, but the rest of the property was destroyed. 

I had no idea this was just the start of a horrific run of events as the story started to leak out - then FLOOD  from the Victorian countryside about just what had been and was still going on.

These photos have just arrived, and I can't belive what I'm seeing.  They were trapped, no way in, and no way out, yet they managed to save their house, in the middle of a forest fireball.

created on: 02/10/09

The House, No way in, no way out - there it stands. Intact

created on: 02/10/09

The Shed,  a twisted mess of stuff.

created on: 02/10/09

From the back porch,  can you believe it's untouched?

created on: 02/10/09

Molten Aluminium it needs 660C (1220F) to enter this state.

created on: 02/10/09

Tennis could once be played here

created on: 02/10/09

Vigilance - it's not over yet.  Spot fighting.

It's now being widely recognised that Climate Change driven by our energy habits is contributing towards these furious wildfires.  Will we ever get smart?




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