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How to save 16 cents a gallon for your gasoline – for nothing!

published, Feb 15, 2009 9:30am
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It's a simple! Pump your tyres to the proper pressure. Your car will roll better, and if we all did it we'd save 7% of our daily fuel bill.

So next time you fill up, scoot over to the tyre pump. It costs nothing, plus you will get better tyre life too - all straight into your hip pocket.

created on: 02/15/09

Now, compare this to one option, floated by "Big Oil" - Lets get another 5% of oil the hard way - by drilling in sub zero temperatures and in the process destroying Antarctica.

Think about this for just 2 seconds - less benefit at a higher cost - not smart energy.

Now, for even better mileage, ride your bike.

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Don't forget to clean or replace the air filter regularly, this also helps maximize efficiency.

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