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An economy in recession burns less fuel

published, Mar 13, 2009 9:20am
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Here is an interesting factoid coming out of the economic slowdown.

80% of Singapore's shipping is now back home, no longer able to rent out their ships at $60,000 per day. The huge fleet of oceanic behemoths are back anchored at port and many not even able to fetch $6,000 a day, 10% off their heyday. 

Ships burn a ship-load of oil, and the less burnt the better.

So there they sit, empty, quietly rusting.

as far as the eye can see

from the plot, the pattern is "full"



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Just heard on the news that our local electric company is planning to raise rates. They stated that due to the poor economy their revenues are falling, businesses closing their doors, many empty houses, and people conserving more. Other factors include the expected cost increase of natural gas and a shortage of water to drive the hydroelectric plants. What they aren't telling the public is several large commercial consumers have offset a big portion of their demand with massive solar arrays.

 There are several company's advertising solar power systems for home use, the Government is offering 50% rebates for new installations and the State is offering tax credits of up to 20%, unfortunately these are the old silicon based panel

Where are the thin film solar panels when you need them?

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