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Smart meters may increase energy consumption

published, Feb 11, 2010 11:35am
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It's a little known fact, but perhaps your old dumb meter is smarter than your new smart meter? If you are using electric hot water, you will pay a lot more for your hot water, and you will use more energy too. How so?

created on: 02/11/10

I was talking with my electrician last night. He told me his business is is doing a roaring trade fitting time switches downstream of the new smart meters. Why so?

The old meters have an inbuilt clock, that turns the hot water circuit on in the middle of the night ( I know about this intimately... ). At the other end of this circuit sits the hot water system. When it's energised, it's simple thermostat starts heating up the water.

This works fine, when the meter is switching the energy to the hot water system on and off, however to cut costs, the new smart meter only has a single supply. So the hot water system that would once upon a time heat only at night, will be on and heating all the time at the whatever rate your Energy retailer chooses.

Unless us, as the end consumers do something we will:

  • have an awesome, never ending supply of electric hot water
  • use tons of carbon to push all those electrons through your hot water heater
  • pay a small fortune to the energy company
  • put our already bursting energy system under more stress



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