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The open source energy meter for everybody

published, Feb 15, 2010 3:27pm
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We think energy awareness is for everyone. That's why we are making the open source SEGmeter, and we now have the SEGmeter in our store!


It will be available to everybody, and makeable by anybody who owns a soldering iron, and it's open, so anybody can get involved and make it better.

It's based on the Arduino - a simple little open source computer that we have been working with for some time, it allows people to, experiment, invent, and we've made it into a smart meter.

SEGmeter v1.0


Luke Weston has designed the shield that can sense the electrons using simple current sensors. Andy Gelme has developed some Arduino software that does magic electron "accounting". The Arduino then chit chats over wireless Zigbee to an OpenWRT router based linux machine that squirts the data feed across the interwebz to smartenergygroups.com to give nice graphs like this:

Not being content with just data, we've build a 2 way tango, that allows you to control your stuff from the web.

So we added some other useful stuff to the SEGmeter like a temperature sensor and relay. So with a bit of "extra" creativity, and a plugin on your data stream it's possible to have internet controlled hot water, air conditioning, or even pot plant watering... it's up to you, its open!

So here's a quick taste of the lowdown:

  • 6 channels of real time energy monitoring
  • Temperature sensor
  • Relay
  • Zigbee wireless communications
  • Multi node
  • Internet enabled

We will also be running build days and online builds, providing everybody with the info they need to make and get their SEGmeter up and running.



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Hey Markm

Sorry about contact #fail, it's now all #win again.

We will letting all members know of the first release, and you are now on the "list".  If you participate in the http://hackmelbourne.org Connected-Community Hackerspaces project you can also meet up with us all and get involved.




Hi, I am at a loss. how can it be open source if I cannot download the schematics and software for free? Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. I live in Africa. The chances of me ordering it from you guys and getting it delviered without it getting stolen in the process are about 0? Please help.

Hey Anthony,

It seems this was a small oversight as we have been working on various aspects.

We've added links to the Eagle files, githubs (for codes), build guides and API on the SEGmeter product page here:


Hope this helps!


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