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Turn the lights off

published, Feb 17, 2010 11:13am
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I recall as a child, when my Father came home. First thing he would do when opening the front door is to check the spinning electricity meter.  One thing the old style of energy meter does well is provide physical feedback on the rate of energy use. 

When it spun fast, we were using too much energy.  When it spun slow, it was good.

The next thing he would do is proceed to turn the lights, and other unnecessary things off. Then us, the children would be instructed to "turn the lights off, close the door and stop hearing the bloody great outdoors."

His motivation for doing this wasn't to save the planet, but to save his wallet.  Seemingly, way back then the two were linked?

It would seem that today, whilst our wallet are beginning get reconnected with our energy usage through energy price hikes we read about in the paper, the utility company still isn't giving us much assistance on our real time energy usage.

Only recently I, now a father have equipped myself with a view of how much energy is being used in my home.  You can have a look over here

I hope to be able to help others equip themselves to.



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Totally the same at home with my Dad. To the degree that today it irks me no limits when people leave lights or anything on in a room that is not being occupied nor has nor reason to use power. Keep the faith!


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