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Just where haz bubblino been?

published, Apr 24, 2010 7:28pm
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People may have been wondering about #bubblino from #trampoline lately, where's she been? What's she doing now, I miss her, and all her pretty bubbles. Perhaps they've even followed @bubblino on the twittorz.  Note, this #bubblino is not @bubblino - and there are possibly other bubblinoz out there as well!


But this #bubblino, has been a little busy doing some other stuff.

You see, #bubblino was a very early pilot for Smart Energy Control, and introduced to all the peeps at #trampoline 2 in October 2009 for a little testing. And testing she got! The good peeps had a great time tweeting at @bubblino, and on the day she blew over 500 rounds of bubbles. Quite a score, have a look here

After that, #bubblino returned to the ToyShop, where she was given her new mission, to heat @samotages Hot Waterz! Why? Simple, to use real time internet control of things to save energy. And she's done just that, cutting my hot water energy consumption in half. A win for me, and our good atmosphere and gaia.

Every day, since receiving her mission, good little #bubblino has been on the job, starting each morning at 4:00am watching the temperature and being told by the internets to hit the switch and shoot some electrons into the water, so all the otageans can become clean each day in efficient comfort.

#bubblino has done such a good job, that her reward s a return to #trampoline 3 so some more peeps can blow bubbles from their tweets.

And @samotage has commissioned a much moar properor hot waters controls.



And, if you'd like to check up on what's going on with my hot water, in real time you can!  Scoot over, or even joing my group, Sam's home energy.



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Hi Sam,

Glad to hear you've discovered the fun of Twitter-enabled bubbles, but I'm not too impressed by you calling @Bubblino an impostor when he's no such thing.  Can you please remove that line and refrain from making such claims in future?


Adrian (@Bubblino's creator)

Hey Adrian,

A little fun, I've adjusted the post.  FWIW I made this bublino, and some time afterwards found out about yours.  I suppose there may even be others as well.  One big happy bubbles family.



Hi Sam,

Thanks for that.  I know of at least two other Bubblini, but that's because I've made them for other people :-)  And there are two more on the way.  You can't beat bubbles as a notification system ;-)



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