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Stop heating the great outdoors

published, May 12, 2010 1:47pm
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If we look around us, outdoor heating is everywhere. It's also perhaps one of our largest wasteful energy indulgences. Certainly something we could do without?


When I grew up, I was told to shut the door and stop heating the great outdoors. Fast forward to 2010, in a time where it's pretty much moot that:

  • our energy use is changing the planet
  • we have more energy than at any other time
  • our primary portable energy source (oil) is about to start running out.

We heat the planet more and more in some of the most ridiculous ways, all so people can enjoy an latte and a fag outdoors on a cold day.

So what happened?



I admit, I have one of these outdoor heaters, one of those gifts that spends it's time quietly rusting. It saw service once of twice last decade and after it was observed to consume 10 months of barbecue gas in a couple of hours, it was relegated to the spiderweb corner.


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Hi Sam.. I'm new here and only just starting to find my way around -I think I have a lot to learn on this site!

This short but really right on post caught my eye, as I am always amazed by this token of modern-day stupidity, which goes hand in hand with its summertime equivalent where icy-cold department stores leave their doors wide open on a sweltering day to attract customers.

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