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How SEGmeter works

published, Jun 10, 2010 7:13am
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Perhaps people may have been wondering how SEGmeter works? Well, we've been so busy doing stuff, that we may have overlooked this. Anyway, it's pretty simple, and in the interests of less words here is a little picture.

How SEGmeter Works


Once have data, then we can do cool stuff, like share it with your friends, email messages, turn things on and off, trigger alerts and SEGmeter also tweets at @segmeter

We now have over 40 beautiful gadgets, with gauges, graphs, charts, reports and other things.

created on: 01/01/11

So there you have it!



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Ok now I know how SEG works, but I want to do something different. Instead of sending the data to SEG over the internet, I want the data to be stored in a MySQL or any other "open source" database.

How to go about that? Can that be done?



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