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Marin county is doing renewable energy right

published, Aug 4, 2010 6:56am
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Perhaps the view is different from the other side of a bridge? Perhaps the big redwoods and beauty of the land give the people of Marin an appreciation of what's really important?

Either way, the people who live on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge are doing some pretty amazing things in actively working towards delivering clean energy to their people at a price equal or better than dirty energy.

created on: 08/04/10

Here is a low down of what's going on.

  • They stopped PG&E, who spent $45M attempting to preventing them forming their own municipal utility
  • Supplying their residents with 75% renewable power
  • Providing power cheaper than gas or nuclear powered sources

The big hitters for the renewable energy are solar and wind, however hydro and geothermal are also in the mix, what sets Marin county apart is they took the initiative and went out and found ways to increase their renewable energy mix, and at a great price.  So what did they do?

  • they went to the marketplace and brokered deals with renewable generators for capacity
  • implemented non-restrictive solar tariffs for residents, encouraging residents to supersize their solar panel arrays
  • buying back energy from consumers with credits and annual cash outs 
  • complementing renewable sources with energy efficiency measures, the cheapest form of new capacity

This is community energy at work, and something we need to find a way to replicate.



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