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The future of beach culture

published, Dec 23, 2010 11:31pm
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Last weekend, our family went to the beach.  Not because it was a nice day, it was raining, windy and otherwise miserable, however we needed to get out of the house as the cabin fever was set in.

It was our boys second outing to the beach, and my first in a long time to the foreshore at Elwood in Melbourne.  The boys had a wonderful time, splashing about in the puddles and getting all sandy in the cold and wet.

created on: 12/24/10

This was a week ago.

And something just occured to me.

About a decade ago, lived in Elwood. It was awesome! Summer was like being on holiday, walking down to the beach after work, having a swim, a relax in the sand on the beach.

Then it was quite a wide beach, a lot wider than it is today.  Perhaps this what's happening with the rising sea levels, shrinking the beaches as the water seeps up?

It got me thinking, a sea level rise of just a meter, is going to play havoc with all our known and loved beaches.  Sand will become something of a luxury, as the water levels rise up and up.

What will happen to the beach culture?




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Q: What will happen to beach culture ?

A: It will move in-land !

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