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FACTS: What to expect from a solar panel

Solar has becoming really popular, and for a whole variety of reasons - including the spectacular price drops (look out coal burners...) that I'm not going to get into here.  Selecting solar is no longer...

FACTS: Melbourne has 9 months of water left

It seems that these problems may get a fair bit worse with the city facing the prospect of running out of water by the end of Summer 2010. Steve Hopkings, @stevehopkins rocked my morning at...

MAKE A CHANGE: Five spring eco cleaning tips to make a difference

It's that time of year again...time to get down and dirty and clear out the clutter. Think of alternatives this year by avoiding harsh and dangerous chemicals. For your home and for you! Did you...

SMART ENERGY: Solyndra reveals thin-film solar tubes

This item was originally published at cleantech.com and has been edited. Fremont, Calif.-based Solyndra unveiled today its entry in the copper-indium-gallium-selenium (CIGS) solar race—long cylinders coated in thin-film material inside glass tubes, which line up...

INSIDE MY HOME: 15 Tips, Tricks and Hacks for a Greener Home

Written by Ecoist; September 29th, 2008 Image via tomsaint11 You’ve tricked out your car and you’re an expert hypermiler. You know where to find the freshest, cheapest local food. You’ve greened your consumption habits and...


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