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FACTS: Energy Efficiency versus Nuclear

Let's face it, most of our energy usage today isn't that smart, at a time in history where we have more energy than ever before, we still don't have enough! The old school way of...

SMART ENERGY: Sustainable Living Festival 2011

We took Smart Energy Groups along to the Sustainable Living Festival "Green Market", which ran last weekend on the River Promenade behind Fed Square. For those who dropped by to see us, a big thanks...

SMART ENERGY: Mashable: On the Social Grid

Social media is expected to play an important role in helping us manage our energy consumption habits   Here's a link to an interesting Mashable article on the impact social media will have on energy...

SMART ENERGY: Not-so-smart meters

Are you, like me, paying for something you may never get? This story about Victoria's smart meter roll out was on channel 9 news tonight:

FACTS: Why electricity will continue to become more expensive

Forget the cost of carbon, the cost of energy is going up, wether we like it or not.  In Melbourne, it's been 50% since 2006 and the utilities predict another 50% by 2015 2010 has...


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