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BUILD GUIDES: Arduino SEG receiver

For my SEGmeter setup I have tried to use as many bits and bobs I already had in my workshop, and as there was no device ready to be flashed with OpenWRT in the cupboard,...

INSIDE MY HOME: Weather station + SEG API = SEGWeather!

Around a year ago I purchased an inexpensive weather station from Jaycar - a "Thermor" branded DG950R Weather Station. I knew it wouldn't be the most accurate piece of equipment on the market at only $80,...

SEGMETER: The SEGmeter specification

The SEGmeter Arduino shield turn Arduino into a smart meter. It combines a number of useful features, such as 6 channels of energy measurement, temperature sensing and a reed relay control. In addition, there is...

SEGMETER: The open source energy meter for everybody

We think energy awareness is for everyone. That's why we are making the open source SEGmeter, and we now have the SEGmeter in our store! It will be available to everybody, and makeable by anybody...


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