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SMART ENERGY: The Renewable Energy Hoax

Renewable energy is one of those terms we hear a lot these days, with the green revolution peering out from behind peak oil, unstoppable climate change and a global economic May Day. This is a...

SMART ENERGY: A wind up battery blows physicists away

Physicists toiling away at the University of Miami have some across a way to store energy that's just amazing - a spin battery, "charged" by applying a large magnetic field to nano-magnets in a device...

SMART TRANSPORT: Electro transport, a battery powered motive force

Since I was a boy I've had a passion for flight, and being young of an age of limited resources the best access to fulfilling that was through models. I've always been into gliders, which...

FACTS: It is our privilege to have energy to burn

Southern Australia has been suffering through one of it's worst heat waves in history.  Melbourne had 3 days of extreme heat over 43C temperatures (110F) and Adelaide are into the 7th day of hell.  In...


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