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SEGMETER: The SEGshop is now open

We are over the moon to announce the opening of the SEGshop, a place to go and pick up all your Smart Energy goodies. We've got our SEGmeter complete on sale, a 6 channel smart...

SEGMETER: How SEGmeter works

Perhaps people may have been wondering how SEGmeter works? Well, we've been so busy doing stuff, that we may have overlooked this. Anyway, it's pretty simple, and in the interests of less words here is...

SMART ENERGY: A wind up battery blows physicists away

Physicists toiling away at the University of Miami have some across a way to store energy that's just amazing - a spin battery, "charged" by applying a large magnetic field to nano-magnets in a device...

FACTS: Electrons, electrons everywhere, what's this got to do with my en...

Well plenty! You see, we literally live in a sea of them.  Fundamentally we are made from them (and other atoms...), and we use a hell of a lot of them to do things for...


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