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SMART ENERGY: Five things looming for utility companies

The traditional utility company is being disrupted like never before.  There are so many new things in the energy landscape now making their classic business model obsolete.   In my view, the major are distributed generation,...

SEGMETER: On Your Bike!

The other evening 42 pushbikers dropped over while I was making dinner!  There was a crisis!  What to do with them all? In actual fact, this was the number of pusbikers I'd have needed on...

SMART ENERGY: My Power Plant

Hi there, I just installed 30kW solar panels on my house!

FACTS: What to expect from a solar panel

Solar has becoming really popular, and for a whole variety of reasons - including the spectacular price drops (look out coal burners...) that I'm not going to get into here.  Selecting solar is no longer...

SEGMETER: SEGmeter V2 is coming!

It's been a little time coming, like all good things!  And you may have heard some V2 whispering in the winds, however the wait is nearly OVER! The SEGmeter V2 is ready for prime time....


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