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SMART ENERGY: Not-so-smart meters

Are you, like me, paying for something you may never get? This story about Victoria's smart meter roll out was on channel 9 news tonight:

FACTS: Why electricity will continue to become more expensive

Forget the cost of carbon, the cost of energy is going up, wether we like it or not.  In Melbourne, it's been 50% since 2006 and the utilities predict another 50% by 2015 2010 has...

SEGMETER: The SEGshop is now open

We are over the moon to announce the opening of the SEGshop, a place to go and pick up all your Smart Energy goodies. We've got our SEGmeter complete on sale, a 6 channel smart...

SEGMETER: The open source energy meter for everybody

We think energy awareness is for everyone. That's why we are making the open source SEGmeter, and we now have the SEGmeter in our store! It will be available to everybody, and makeable by anybody...

INSIDE MY HOME: In hot water - turn it down and save energy

So how much power does my electric hot water system actually use? You may not realise it, but your hot water is a significant component of your homes total energy usage. I didn't know just...


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