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FACTS: Energy Efficiency versus Nuclear

Let's face it, most of our energy usage today isn't that smart, at a time in history where we have more energy than ever before, we still don't have enough! The old school way of...

FACTS: What lies beneath the water at Fukushima?

Perhaps there is something we haven't been told yet? Never before have we seen a nuclear accident unfold like the ongoing crisis at Fukushima this week.  In real time we have seen tweets of explosions,...

FACTS: The Gulf is leaking 5 nuclear bombs a day

Like many people, I am saddened and distressed by the massive oil leak destroying the Gulf of Mexico, for a whole bunch of reasons. As a child who grew up sketching mushroom clouds during the...

FACTS: Peter Garret's Blue Sky Mine

I can still clearly recall from my youth the lyrics from the song Blue Sky Mine, from a popular band of the day Midnight Oil - written by Peter Garret, now Australia's minister for the...

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