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FACTS: What to expect from a solar panel

Solar has becoming really popular, and for a whole variety of reasons - including the spectacular price drops (look out coal burners...) that I'm not going to get into here.  Selecting solar is no longer...

INSIDE MY HOME: Summer is coming

We have had a long cold winter here in Melbourne, and with the Spring here, the days are getting longer, and the temperatures are getting warmer. Interestingly, @SEGmeter is also recording the fact from the...

SMART ENERGY: Marin county is doing renewable energy right

Perhaps the view is different from the other side of a bridge? Perhaps the big redwoods and beauty of the land give the people of Marin an appreciation of what's really important? Either way, the...

INSIDE MY HOME: Cleaner panels make more electrons

It makes sense - sitting out there in the rain and wind and weather, solar panels get dirty. Because the turn light into electrons, it would make sense that the cleaner they are, the better...

SMART TRANSPORT: Three Cheers for the Green Burger!

A Burger King in New Jersey, US, will soon be harnessing the kinetic energy from drive-thru cars to supplement their energy needs. They have installed an energy-collecting speed bump that stores and collects twice daily...


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