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BUILD GUIDES: Connect your V2 SEGmeter to the WiFi

There are many differences with the V2 SEGmeter, one of them is an updated SEGbox based on the OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment release. This is a little easier to setup the WiFi (than V1), so follow...

BUILD GUIDES: Connect your SEGbox to Wifi

This guide steps through a very simple procedure to connect a SEGbox built for a WiFi connection to your wireless internet service. To proceed, you will need to know a couple of things about this...

BUILD GUIDES: Detailed SEGbox configuration

The SEGbox can connect to the internet using WiFi of cabled ethernet, depending on the preferred connection. This guide will show how to setup the SEGbox OpenWRT configuration to have a rock steady WiFi connection,...

SEGMETER: The SEGshop is now open

We are over the moon to announce the opening of the SEGshop, a place to go and pick up all your Smart Energy goodies. We've got our SEGmeter complete on sale, a 6 channel smart...


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