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SMART ENERGY: My Power Plant

Hi there, I just installed 30kW solar panels on my house!

FACTS: What to expect from a solar panel

Solar has becoming really popular, and for a whole variety of reasons - including the spectacular price drops (look out coal burners...) that I'm not going to get into here.  Selecting solar is no longer...

FACTS: Energy Efficiency versus Nuclear

Let's face it, most of our energy usage today isn't that smart, at a time in history where we have more energy than ever before, we still don't have enough! The old school way of...

SMART ENERGY: Solar versus the Lights

I've just been doing some charting upgrades and adding some new gadgets, notably some nice doughnut charts! I was also just inspecting the solar energy output for the last 12 months versus the lights.  It...

FACTS: Generating electricity the hard way

During the recent Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, the Smart Energy team got a chance to check out the Future Spark pedal power demonstration. This is a remarkable piece of engineering, and I had the...


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