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INSIDE MY HOME: The simplest thing to save lots of energy

We all love a hot shower, and a god many of our water heaters are of the bad old single element energy hog, and if you have one of these units, there is a very...

FACTS: The Facts about Bottled Water

I came across this infographic from ReflectionsOf.Me that shows bottled water's sources, health and energy impacts.       Sam, @samotage  

SMART ENERGY: Fool’s gold or fuel gold?

Scientists dream of discovering a source of nearly-free energy that uses water as its fuel and produces almost no waste. Randall Mills, an MIT-trained electrical engineer and Harvard medic, claims to have found just such...

FACTS: Melbourne has 9 months of water left

It seems that these problems may get a fair bit worse with the city facing the prospect of running out of water by the end of Summer 2010. Steve Hopkings, @stevehopkins rocked my morning at...

INSIDE MY HOME: The end of the Hollywood shower?

  The Victorian government has recently introduced Target 155 – lets all use less than 155 litres of water per person per day in an effort to start saving what little water we have in...


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