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Swedish Biker Babe Does Electric Motorcycles

published, Nov 24, 2008 11:21pm
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by Aaron Turpen
Posted on November 23rd, 2008

What could be hotter than a Swedish blond biker babe? How about one who does electric conversions of those motorcycles? Ooooh ya!

Meet Eva Hakansson and her Electrocat. She’s self-described as a “hardcore EV geek.” She built Electrocat with her father, Sven, and it’s the first documented street-legal electric motorcycle in Sweden. The bike started life as a 1990 Cagiva Freccia C12R, but now it’s all Eva’d out.

The motor, batteries (lithium-ion phosphate cells), and controller are all housed where the big motor and fuel tank on this bike used to be. The bike has a 50 mile range when averaging 44mph. How fast will it go? She can’t legally say that, since its top speed is illegal in Sweden. Really.

That’s not all, though. The father-daughter team also was instrumental in the record-breaking KillaCycle, which recently broke the world’s record for fastest electric vehicle at 168mph. Incidentally, that’s the fastest drag-racing motorcycle record too. Nice!

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